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Introducing Sketchplay

We're building a community platform allowing athletes, coaches, teams and organizations to effortlessly manage training, camps, tournaments, and leagues on and off-the-field.

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Access Equals Opportunity

Today’s sports, training, leagues, and clubs are siloed and fragmented for parents, coaches, and athletes; and that disrupts time, money, and progress. The Sketchplay mission is to create a single, beautiful and effortless experience within a single platform for everyone.

Back-Office Administration

A singular administrate platform to manage activity for operational and financial simplicity.

Community Groups

A single way to communicate and engage with your organization teams.

Calendar & Scheduler

Schedule camps, events, training and register for camps, training, or events directly on the Sketchplay platform.

Film Room

Coaches can upload and store exclusive content for players to have 24-7 on-demand learning.

League Management

Create, organize, and manage leagues and tournaments including rosters, free-agents and team setup.

Bucket Evaluations

Coaches can evaluate player(s) activity and provide personalized virtual feedback and evaluations.


Integrated chat in the Sketchplay Community and the Sketchplay App for 1:1 or 1:Many direct messaging.

Video Conferencing

Real-time video conferencing with special guests, coaches, players and more.